Sunday, March 16, 2008

2008 PA Women's Series Races

20-Apr Lower Providence Crit
20-Apr US 40/20 KM TT

4-May Memorial Hall Crit
24-May Hellertown Crit

7-Jun Commerce Bank TT
14-Jun Bird in Hand Road Race (women's 3 and 4 only)

5-6 Jul Dutch Country Stage Race (women's 3 and 4 only)
19-Jul Robert Fulton Road Race
27-Jul Sportsfest Allentown Crit

16-Aug Rodale Crit
30-Aug Lehigh Valley Crit
31-Aug Clarks Valley TT

Races are subject to change; additions/deletions may occur during the season.
To register for any of these events: go to Go to for details on the series.

State Championship Races: to be determined. Double BAR points awarded.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

PA Women's/BAR Series Seeking Races!

We hope to enlist races for the 2008 Women’s Series that reflect a diversity of races: road, criterium, stage and time trial events. The PCA Women’s Racing Committee will offer race promoters a sign-on bonus to participate in the PA Women’s Series, on a first come, first served basis until subsidy funds are expended. Promoters are not obligated to participate in the Women’s Series.

Guidelines for Promoters:
1. All races offered in the PA Women’s Series and BAR must meet USAC mileage standards for upgrades.
2. Entry level fees and Prize lists are consistent with PA BAR standards.
3. Race promoters are encouraged to offer two women’s races: women's 1-2-3 and women’s 4.
4. Total maximum amount awarded to promoters ($200 for crits and $250 for road races)
5. Cat 3 results must be broken out of the Senior Women’s field.
6. Separate prize lists for competition categories are encouraged: W1-2, W3 and W4.
7. All promoters must submit race flyers to the PA Women’s Series for review and approval prior to posting on-line for registration.
8. No more than 3 events per single promoter can receive subsidy.
9. Note that Time Trial events are not eligible for bonuses, but will be considered as part of the Women’s Series/BAR if results are broken out by category (W1-2, W3, and W4).
10. Subsidy checks will be issued within 10 days after the event. Please note that failure to comply with PA Women’s Series guidelines may result in retraction of subsidy.

If you are a race promoter and wish to participate, please send your race flyer and information by March 15, 2008 to Dana Hanchin, Co-Coordinator of Women’s Racing Committee at

Monday, January 14, 2008

PA Women's Series Approved!

The PCA approved the PA Women’s series yesterday at the annual membership meeting. Categories of competition include W1-2, W3 and W4. All races that are part of the series will meet USAC distance requirements for upgrades. The PA Women’s Series is also the PA BAR competition.

Race promoters will have until March 15, 2008 to submit their draft race flyer for review and approval to be part of the series. I am hoping to get at least 10 races to be part of the series for year 1—anything more would be spectacular. Series guidelines will be posted on the PCA website in the near future along with the races in the Series. I hope to issue a preliminary list of races mid-March so women can plan their race calendars accordingly.

We have raised $2000.00 so far for the series and hope the PCA will match this. I have established a separate account to run the series. If your team has graciously committed to make a contribution, please make checks payable to PA Women’s Series and send them to my attention, Dana Hanchin, 2310 Wallace Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

2008 Women's Series

The PCA Women's Committee is excited to propose the 2008 PA Women’s Series.

The Series goals are to:
(1) encourage more women cyclists to race and welcome beginner cyclists into the sport
(2) make it possible for racers to challenge themselves at their highest skill and fitness level and gain confidence to perform at an even higher level
(3) encourage women to finish each race via a points system that will recognize and reward their efforts.

The PCA women’s committee intends to present the Series at the annual PCA meeting in January 2008 to the full membership. Changes that will need to be approved in order to implement the series include:

APPROVE the Women’s Series and Women’s PA BAR to become one and the same;
ADD women’s category 3 competition;
ADOPT Women’s Series Points changes;
CHANGE Distance Requirements for Women to be consistent with USAC.

We look forward to great things in 2008!